Automate the entry, transfer, and validation of data across systems.

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Integrating business systems

Affinity does payroll, automation and integration really well. We bring your disparate systems together, unifying employee data and allowing you to choose the systems that best fit your business. 

We interface with your GL, HR and workforce management systems and provide data feeds to BI. The experts in our team work with you to build out best-practice processes for system integration. 

How We Work

Two-way data feeds 

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Business Intelligence data

Affinity has invested significantly in technology to ensure data management is optimised. We provide and maintain interfaces and integrations with third-party systems that utilise Web Services and SFTP. 

We have several data-feed options into BI systems. Choose between standard CSV files, customised reports, and a separate SQL reporting database for direct access to tables and schemas. Datasets are updated daily, so a full history on all fields is captured. We can also produce general ledger interface files to your finance system’s specification. 

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