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Normally the approach that we would take would be a transformative approach where we would take a look through your employment records and your employment agreements. We’d look to understand those EBAs and the rules that need to be applied for them and those awards. Then we’d look to codify those rules and to automate the application and the pay.

The more complex someone’s payroll is, it actually leads into a better offering with the fully managed solution. Again, we are the payroll experts and we live a breathe this every day because we process pay across so many different industries and customers. We actually see a lot more than a traditional in-house team would because they focus on their own industry and we have this very wide breadth of industries that we get exposed to every day.

Having a more complex award or collective definitely leads into a better partnership with a fully managed solution. Most of our customers fall into the 500 to 5000 employee range. It’s normally where there are lots of moving parts. That’s where we can add a lot of value.



For over thirty years, Affinity has been a trusted partner for mid-market and enterprise businesses in Australia and New Zealand, empowering them to transform their payroll operations. With a focus on turning payroll from a cost into an asset, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in delivering innovative cloud-based payroll software and exceptional payroll services.